Robin Hood and the Freedom to Roam

I always wonder whether I got my habit of roaming freely across our countryside from reading all of those Robin Hood books when I was young. Not to mention watching all the films and the wonderful TV series such as the Richard Greene Robin Hood and the more recent Robin of Sherwood with Michael Praed and Jason Connery.

There’s just something about the lawless chap I really like.

For a start he robs from the rich and gives to the poor.

Okay, I know that British politicians seem to have got that the wrong way round in recent years!

He fights tyrants and questions the abuse of authority.

But above all, for me, he roams where he likes in the greenwood, careless of whatever king or overlord happens to own it that week.

It really strikes a chord with me.

Isn’t Robin Hood the spiritual ancestor of all those ramblers who battle greedy and restrictive landowners for the Right to Roam?

Wasn’t there something just a bit Robin Hood-ish about the Kinder Scout mass trespassers of 1932?

The Robin Hood legend is, with King Arthur, one of Britain’s two essential myths. Whether he actually existed or not isn’t the point. Most people in the world have heard of Robin Hood. His sense of freedom appeals to all fair-minded people.

He is the champion of Right as opposed to Might!

Anyway, I’ve just published a novel about Robin Hood, out today in paperback and eBook.

Please do click on the link and take a look.

And even if you decide not to read it, at least keep the dream alive by championing the Freedom to Roam!

So here’s the blurb-

A hooded man has come to the forest.
Sherwood Forest.

Come to fight for the poor and desperate. Come to fight for freedom against the overlords imposing tyranny on those who can’t fight back. Robin of Loxley has already been proclaimed an outlaw and rebel in Richard the Lionheart’s England.

Embittered after a failed rebellion, armed with a longbow and a sword, Robin faces his greatest challenge – defeating the despotic Sheriff of Nottingham, the deadly Sir Guy of Gisborne and the cruel Master of Newark Castle Sir Brian du Bois.

Proclaimed wolfshead in Sherwood, Robin of Loxley becomes Robin Hood.

Sherwood Forest his only refuge.

In the struggle against injustice Robin Hood fights alongside the other wolfsheads of Sherwood – Will Scarlet, Little John, Much and a renegade monk called Tuck. And a mysterious archer who kills tyrants in the greenwood.

Their deeds will become legendary.

Loxley – complete in itself – is the first in a four-part sequence The Chronicles of Robin Hood.

There is also an historical note by the author on the origins of the Robin Hood legend.


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