Filth and Litter

Does anyone think our countryside is getting filthier?

The amount of litter I have seen around Cumbria over the past few months is appalling. Can’t people pick it up and take it home? And the stuff that comes flying out of cars in front of me on almost every car journey? Unsightly by the roadside and dangerous to other passing motorists.

It would be nice to think that only moronic petrol-heads drop litter. But let’s face it, some ramblers do as well.

When I reach some mountain summit, or distant moorland location, I don’t want to see a load of litter, which can only have been brought in by people who have walked many miles. Even precious archaeology on Dartmoor – Childe’s Tomb for example – is often stuffed with orange peel, drinks bottles, paper wrappings and even used toilet paper.

If those who walk and presumably appreciate wild places cannot take their litter home, what hope is there for those who presumably don’t appreciate nature?

I appreciate that probably only a minority drop litter, but it only needs one or two to make a real mess.

Time, surely, to revive the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, beginning in schools so that the next generation do better. This was once a problem I thought we had cracked. We are drifting back to the bad old days.

Take your litter home. Tell members of your rambling group that litter will not be tolerated. Educate your children. And why not organise a litter pick-up in your area?


3 thoughts on “Filth and Litter

  1. I’m incline to agree. This past couple of years its got ghastly. The A66 is a particularly bad example. The other thing that peeves me is people properly clearing up after the dogs in a plastic bag and then simply dumping the bag on the ground.


  2. Oh yes, this is also an issue that I am quite passionate about!

    There seems to be an increase in the amount of toilet paper, in particular, being left to fly around our countryside… I was at the Brecon Beacons last weekend when my friend uncovered a shedload of it hidden within a patch of woodland – I’ll leave it to your imagination though, to decide upon what else she very nearly stepped in!!

    The subject of dog poo is mystifying – I mean, I too frequently see it bagged and then hanging from the branch of a tree or hedge! Why is it that people can only do half the job?

    While I like the idea of community litter-pickers to clean up a specific area, I’m reminded of my first visit to a music festival last year, where the majority were far too happy to leave their ‘sea of rubbish’ to the numerous litterpickers who frequented all areas of the site.


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