Fighting for Vixen Tor

Vixen Tor

What is it about the owners of Vixen Tor? Here we have the highest free standing rock on Dartmoor, a spectacular tor resembling from some angles the Sphinx.
For generations it was free to access for ramblers, riders and rock climbers.
Then the new owners purchase it and immediately deny access to the public. Shamefully, despite a massive weight of public evidence at a public inquiry, it was not deemed to be access land under the CRoW Act.

The spineless Dartmoor National Park Authority could have then made an Access Order, but chose not to. Now this fine rocky giant of the Moor is surrounded by barbed wire and hideous “Keep Out” notices.

Vixen Tor

There should be no forbidden tors in the Dartmoor National Park. Please help to legally remove the barriers surrounding Vixen Tor. I am pleased that so many ramblers continue to visit the tor.

Since the reversals of last year, all has gone quiet. Do the Ramblers Association, the Dartmoor Preservation Association and the British Mountaineering Council have any sort of plan to restore formal access?


3 thoughts on “Fighting for Vixen Tor

  1. Carol, in point of fact they do, but the general public who are not so brave have to negotiate the hideous sprayed on keep out signs, barbed wire etc. Very little that the owners can do. Trespass being a civil offence and then they have to prove you caused damage. They can of course take out an injunction against persistent trespassers. Vixen is iconic, for Dartmoor folk the equivalent of someone buying Great Gable and fencing it off, regards John B.


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