About Balmoral Kill

My thriller “Balmoral Kill” is now available in paperback as well as on eBook readers such as Kindle, Kobo and Nook. Just click on the link below to read the reviews, John B.

The autumn of 1937 – A desperate race against time to find a deadly killer…

In 1936 the British royal family were rocked by their greatest scandal as Edward VIII gave up the throne in order to marry an American divorcee.

Many ordinary people regretted the loss of their popular king. In the dark corridors of power, not everyone was sorry…

A year later the Abdication Crisis seems forgotten and all eyes are on the Coronation that summer. In August the new King George VI will retreat to Balmoral, his remote holiday home in the Highlands of Scotland.

As the shadow of war falls across Europe, a sinister conspiracy lies deep within the British establishment.

A man lies dead in a woodland glade. An unfortunate accident or has the first shot been fired in a secret war?

Sean Miller is recalled home to take on his deadliest challenge – but where do his loyalties really lie?Balmoral-Kindle-Cover-Final

In a frantic chase, from the slums and sinister alleys of London to the lonely glens of the Scottish Highlands, Miller must hunt and bring down his most dangerous opponent.
His mission – to foil the final shot that will plunge Europe into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

Now in paperback and on Kindle.

Just click on the link below for more details or to order. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “About Balmoral Kill

  1. Could you tweak your descriptions to include reference to sinister urban footpaths, lonely open access land and dark bridleways of power so that Open Spaces Society can justify a retweet? OK it’s 1937 🙂 Just kidding.


  2. In point of fact my hero Sean Miller is described as an access campaigner and rambler, who took part in the 1932 Kinder Scout Mass Trespass and went to gaol for resting an attempt to throw him off someone’s grouse moor, so please do tweet away! Regards John B.


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