To trespass or not to trespass

To trespass or not to trespass

Since writing “The Compleat Trespasser” my mind has been dwelling a lot on the concept of trespass.

Whether we should even use the word?CTC-Refined_edited-2

If we even think of our right to walk across forbidden landscapes as trespass – or ourselves as trespassers – are we admitting that we have no right to be there and that the landowner has absolute rights to the land, to the exclusion of all others?

We, very sadly, have a government that is particularly anti-walker.

They seem determined to make criminals out of walkers who walk on land where they have always walked.

Isn’t it time that bodies like the Ramblers Association got a tad more militant?

Let us bring back Forbidden Britain day.

Let us campaign for access legislation on the Scottish model.

I suggest the reasons why we should in “The Compleat Trespasser”.

Let us throw timidity and caution to the wind.

This is YOUR land – time to enjoy the right to roam across it!


2 thoughts on “To trespass or not to trespass

  1. I think you’re probably right that we should stop thinking of, and using the word, trespass. I only think land ownership is an agreement between people and just means you can use ‘your’ land to do stuff with, like growing fruit trees on it or keeping sheep. I think that, so long as people don’t cause damage, they should be allowed on it too. I say this as a (small-scale) landowner – I never object to kids playing in my field as we always used to. I do object to people coming onto it and trying to shoot my wildlife though!

    I’m not sure that becoming more militant wouldn’t make the Government even more anti-walker really…


  2. I think it’s interesting that in Victorian times the great mass trespasses such as on Latrigg etc, enjoyed cross party support. In his younger days, Winston Churchill campaigned for land nationalisation. Only in recent decades has this divided on party lines/


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