Under Norfolk Skies

We’ve been out and about rambling in Norfolk, so click Follow and don’t miss the walks to come this week.

Also this week:

Access to Woodlands.

Closure of Paths.

Fighting for the Right to Roam.

A blog everyday this week on http://www.thefreedomtoroam.com

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2 thoughts on “Under Norfolk Skies

  1. I found my first-ever blocked rights of way the other day near Bothel in North Lakes. I usually go straight up a field on a right of way but there was a signpost left saying it was going to the same village so I decided to explore that route instead. Very soon after I came to a walkers’ gate barb-wired shut so I climbed it. Soon after that, I noticed the farmer’s vehicle at the foot of the field and a second gate which had been bolted shut. After investigating the whole chain to see if it really was bolted shut and finding it was, I was about to set off clambering over that when he let of an absolute fusillade of shots which sounded like they weren’t too far off my direction. Knowing he couldn’t really shoot me, I just ignored him and carried on completely unperturbed. I guess I should be reporting it all though?


  2. Yes, please do Carol. If it’s in the national park just email the park authority via their website. There is also an online form you can fill in on The Ramblers website and they’ll investigate it for you, but the personal approach is best. Regards John B.


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