Secure England’s Coastal Path

Help secure the future of the England Coast Path

Please all help by clicking on the ACT NOW button below.

Last year, in response to your campaign, the Government committed to opening the entire England Coast Path by 2020. By next year, work will have been started, or finished, on 60% of it. This project is opening up our coast. However, the latest budget review poses a fresh threat to its completion.

Write to your MP and help secure the future of the coast path.

Government departments have been told to make savings as part of a Comprehensive Spending Review, which is taking place right now. We hoped that the England Coast Path would be protected. However, this reassurance has not come and we fear funding will be cut, pushing the completion date of the path far into the future.


By showing MPs how much we care about the coast path, we stand a better chance of persuading the Government to protect it. This important project is opening up our coast – over a third of which was out of bounds before it began. It is bringing huge economic and health benefits. And it is cheap – at just £1 per metre to create.


The Government has a unique opportunity to give something of genuine, lasting value to the nation – please help us tell them all about it.

Thank you for your support.

Act now

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