The New Walking Book

Hopefully, my new walking book should be out in paperback and on eBooks just before Christmas – we’ll be announcing the title sometime very soon.

My last book “The Compleat Trespasser” was mostly about places where walking was discouraged.

The new one will be a celebration of all the places you can walk – from Dartmoor to the South Downs, Glastonbury to the Pennines, the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands.

It’s also a kind of autobiographical account of my life in the walking world. It has a bit of controversy, like the Trespasser, but then I love a bit of controversy.

And I’ll be looking at why we need to walk, the mindset of the vagabond.

So do click follow if you’re not already and I’ll post on publication day.


PS (oh and if you haven’t read The Compleat Trespasser here’s the link. It’s available in paperback, and on Kindle, Nook and Kobo.)cover


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