Pooley Bridge

On a lovely day last September we walked from Askham to Pooley Bridge. Had tea in the tea gardens on an idyllic afternoon.

Askham to Pooley Bridge 010

Pooley Bridge (c) John Bainbridge 2015

Now Pooley Bridge has been swept away in the floods. Some roads in the Lakes have been swept away. Towns wrecked by floods and communities cut off.

So here is a picture of Pooley Bridge in all its magnificence.

A Sad loss.




2 thoughts on “Pooley Bridge

  1. And the bridge to Coledale in Braithwaite – and the Threlkeld railway bridge – currently a footpath and was hoping would be a railway again. Bloody awful what’s happened and, like everyone was saying on the news websites, we won’t see any of that foreign aid money to help the poor Cumbrians who are now homeless for Christmas (and a few more months after that). No-one from other countries will send to help them like we do for them 😦


  2. And the government REDUCED flood spending by £115 million this past year. These are very short-sighted economies which cost more in the long run. I see the road up to Dunmail has been washed away, John


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