By Derwent Water

Finally, after months of rain we’ve started to get some really fine dry days of clear blue skies and distant views, the snow clinging picturesquely to the higher summits – the mountains beyond the Jaws of Borrowdale looking positively alpine.DSCF7426

We set out from the northern approaches to Catbells for a ramble in the woodlands above Derwent Water, first following the terrace path along the hillside, with Skiddaw and Blencathra looking magnificent across the lake.DSCF7432

We came down to the lane just by Brackenburn, once the home of the novelist Sir Hugh Walpole, who immortalised the area in his Herries Chronicles. DSCF7433

Walpole, I fear, has gone out of favour now, but he still has his fans up her in the Lakes.DSCF7440.JPG

We walked to the shore of the lake below Mansty Park. Its waters were very placid , hardly a ripple, as indicated by a column of smoke on the distant shore heading straight upwards. A very pleasing walk.DSCF7446.JPG

Still some flood damage in Keswick, though it is recovering well from these awful events.

Please give Cumbria a thought if you are planning a holiday or even a day trip. The wretched government is not doing nearly enough to help Cumbria after the floods. So please come and support the local businesses.



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