A Walk to Glenridding

A very beautiful day of clear blue skies and long views, as we set off from Aira Force to walk along the shores of Ullswater to Glenridding.DSCF7473

Hardly a breeze and the lake very placid. The path avoiding the road, much of it relatively new, offers particularly fine views across Ullswater to Place Fell.

Glenridding was very hard hit in the winter floods and the clear-up continues, with many yellow-coated workers, but the village is OPEN for business and the car park is free for the time being – it would be nice if the national park kept ALL car parks free for the rest of the year, to give the Lake District businesses a chance to recover. The usual parking fees in the national park are extortionate and price out poorer visitors.

We walk up the glen to the old Greenside Mine, once one of the richest lead mines in the world. It closed in 1962, and many of the buildings are now youth hostels etc. Up past the old working following the track by the Glenridding Beck.DSCF7481

As we gained height, the higher mountains looked rather alpine with their covering of snow. Catstycam looking quite magnificent. There were skiers on its lowest slopes.DSCF7484

Back then to the lakeshore at Glencoyne Bay.

Very few walkers about even on such a beautiful day.

Don’t be put off by the floods. The Lake District is open for business and the fells look gorgeous on these good winter/spring days.


3 thoughts on “A Walk to Glenridding

  1. Catchedicam is magnificent looking hill and especially snow with the snow-capping. I once went up the NW ridge from that valley – that’s quite some route – very steep and a bit forbidding in places. I was glad I was going up and not down!

    I think the car parking is extortionate but doesn’t some of the money go towards the repairs and suchlike? I think they should charge all the time but keep it reasonable – like a couple of quid.


  2. They were charging when I was there one £9 to £11 a day which is outrageous. I think the problem is that with the government cuts the park authority will just massively increase car park charges to fund essential services.


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