My Walking Book on Sale

I was thrilled with this wonderful review of “Wayfarer’s Dole” in the books section of WALK MAGAZINE – thank you Andrew McCloy!
If you have a Kindle or want to download a free Kindle App for your tablet or phone, “Wayfarer’s Dole” is just 99 pence/cents until Tuesday. It’s £6.99 in paperback and you get a Kindle download FREE as well.
Wayfarers Dole John Bainbridge

Here’s Andrew’s Review: This engrossing book by writer, novelist and one-time chief executive of the Dartmoor Preservation Society, John Bainbridge, explores the ethos of rambling via a series of short essays. The book takes its name from the medieval tradition of offering help to pilgrims on foot, but John’s own adventures take him deep into the moors, downs and mountains as he muses on everything from maps, roadside fires, stravaiging and the protection of our ancient footpaths. It’s a very personal but informed and intelligent journey that will resonate with inquisitive ramblers everywhere. Andrew McCloy


Here’s the link if you want to order-


My other two rambling books are also at the special sale price of 99 pence/cents until Tuesday and in paperback as well.

Rambling – The Beginner’s Bible


Here’s the link –


The Compleat Trespasser

Here’s the link –

CompleatTrespasser Cover//


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