On Arnison Crag

It was already very hot as we set out from Patterdale for a walk up to the summit of Arnison Crag, that modest but delightful summit overlooking Ullswater. By the time we’d strolled the footpath around Mill Moss, once a tarn, then a rubbish dump, and now a recovered little woodland, it was sweltering.


Ullswater from the slopes of Arnison Crag (c) John Bainbridge 2016


We came down this way a few weeks ago, when the bluebells were out. Now it is the time for foxgloves and very lovely they are too, patches of purple colour against the green of the bracken.

We followed the old stone wall up to near the summit of Arnison Crag, then had a pleasant rock scramble to the top. There are some good little scrambling faces on this hillside, well worth a look if you’re new to the game.


Glenridding from Arnison Crag (c) John Bainbridge 2016


Wainwright is a trifle disparaging about the views from the top of Arnison Crag, but they are good enough for me: a goodly stretch of Ullswater, the steamers working their way in and out at Glenridding Pier. A fine sweep of mountains all around.

We went down to Trough Head, where a fine old metal ladder stile crosses the wall of the Glemara Deer Park. A wonderful relic of the past. Worth remembering that stiles of all sorts are a feature of our British countryside, mentioned in our literature by Shakespeare and others. Let’s preserve them!


Arnison Crag Summit (c) John Bainbridge 2016


Glemara Park has, I fear, few deer these days, but a great many Herdwick Sheep, who are adorable company for fellwalkers.


The Old Ladder Stile (c) John Bainbridge 2016


The park is quite a beautiful spot, with a goodly variety of broadleaved trees lining the Hags Beck as we descended. And some terrific views over Ullswater. Certainly the direction to be going in.


Arnison Crag from Glemara Park


A shorter Lake District walk this one, but a real joy. This one would be a good introduction for the beginning fellwalker. But pick a good clear day, so that you can admire the views.






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