Angletarn Pikes

Last Tuesday was a scorcher, as we set out from Hartsop for a walk to Angletarn Pikes. If you haven’t walked up from Hartsop recently, you might not know that the track to Hayes Water is closed while a hydro works is being constructed. Instead you have to follow a waymarked path on the north side of the Hayeswater Gill.


Hayes Water (c) John Bainbridge 2016

Well, a path of sorts. Okay as far as the old filter house, but very unpleasant walking after that, until you emerge from the intake below Hayes Water itself. There has, of course, always been a path on this side, but I suspect most people use the track to the south.


As a diversion this north path (waymarked by orange posts) is quite awful. The path barely exists in some places. Much of it is overgrown with moor grass, boggy, doesn’t follow a course that suggests it was ever a well-used track in the past, crosses the slippiest of rocks. Whoever thought this was a reasonable temporary diversion can’t ever have done much in the way of fellwalking.

By the time we left it I think I’d probably expounded 50% of my days energy, in scarce half a mile of walking.


Angletarn, from the Pikes (c) John Bainbridge 2016


Gripe over. Once the path is left behind and you climb up to the Angletarn path, you are in some wonderful country, with great views over so much of eastern Lakeland. But gosh it was hot, even the slight breeze felt as if it was coming from the Sahara.

We took the track to Angletarn itself, one of the most irregular of the Lake District tarns -the word by the way comes from the Old Norse word for tear, and so they often appear, tears on the mountain slopes.


On Angletarn Pikes (c) John Bainbridge 2016


Even on the top of the pikes it was very hot. We lay back on the ground and studied a sky of the deepest blue, before descending to Boardale Hause – our second time there in a week, then taking the steep track down to Dubhow and back to Hartsop. The latter stages of this make it one of the prettiest old walking routes in Lakeland.


Brothers Water from the ridge (c) John Bainbridge 2016


A walk worth doing, though it will be more pleasant when the regular track up to Hayes Water is open again.


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