Norman Cornish – Pitman Painter

If you are passing near to Leyburn in Yorkshire in the next month do pop into Tennant’s Auction Rooms and see the exhibition of the paintings and drawings by the pitman painter Norman Cornish.

Cornish was a working-class hero who worked long hours in the coal mine, spending his precious spare hours in chronicling his world in his paintings and drawing.

The industry, and its accompanying communities are all gone now – so these wonderful works of art are a record of a way of life lost for ever.

Cornish was a great painter, his reputation growing. Do see these originals while you still can.

PS. The cafe at Tennant’s Auction Rooms is well worth a visit. Parking is free.


2 thoughts on “Norman Cornish – Pitman Painter

  1. Cornish’s work is fantastic, as is also that of his contemporary, Tom McGuinness. There was a wealth of artistic talent in the Durham and Northumberland coalfields. Sad that all that inspiration and industrial heritage has been swept so cruelly into history.


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