Opening of the Ullswater Way



Ullswater (c) John Bainbridge 2016

 Come and join us on the inaugural Ullswater Way Walk  on Saturday 3rd September 2016

Do you know we now have our OWN walk around the whole of Ullswater? It is 20 miles long and can be walked in one go or in  stages. The entire circuit can take anything from 8-10 hours depending upon your level of fitness and the number of rest/camera stops. Some people will of course prefer to do it over a longer time.

The Friends of the Ullswater Way invite you to join us to inaugurate the Ullswater Way.  Join hands as local communities around the Lake and celebrate our cultural heritage and environment.

We also want to use this walk to raise funds to support and celebrate the heritage of Ullswater and acknowledge those who have devoted their lives to its conservation. (see our crowd-funding page  that shows how the funds will be used.)

You can start at a time that suits you. Those aiming to complete the whole circuit should probably start at about 08.00:. There are 4 ‘natural’ starting points:


  1. Glenridding: Ullswater Steamers pier. (6.5 miles to Howtown)
  2. Howtown: Ullswater Steamers pier. (5 miles to Pooley bridge)
  3. Pooley Bridge: Pooley bridge car park. (6.5 miles to Aira Force)
  4. Aira Force: Aira Force Car park. (3 miles to Glenridding)


You can go clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever you prefer. The walk is completely informal – there will be NO organised guides, helpers, first aid, or special facilities.  There will be NO prizes for those who are first or last. Please bring your own food, water and first aid kit.  The Friends can take no responsibility for anything that might happen to you on the walk.

Ullswater Steamers will run their usual scheduled service. Our suggestion is that all walkers  aim to meet up together and celebrate on the last sailing that leaves Glenridding at 16.00, Howtown at 16.35, and Pooley Bridge at  17.05 (arriving back at Glenridding at 18.05)

We hope you will join us for a great day Walking the Way

For any queries please contact:  Tim Clarke


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