The Village that Welcomes Walkers

Let’s have three cheers for the beautiful Yorkshire village of Thornton Steward – the village that welcomes ramblers.DSCF8318

We went there a week or so ago for a walk, which I’ll blog next week, and were delighted at the welcome the locals extend to visiting walkers.DSCF8320

All around the village there are signs inviting ramblers to make themselves at home in the Village Institute, where tea and coffee facilities are located, complete with fresh milk in the fridge. TDSCF8351here’s even fruit juice and other refreshments, apples to take away and a toilet to use.

All they ask is a small donation to help with the running of the Village Institute.

The footpaths in the parish are all exceptionally well waymarked, with good signposting, and gates and stiles in good order. The paths have a splendid welcoming feel from the farmers and landowners.

The village itself is a delight – full of history, as you’ll see when I put the walk on next week.

They even sell a useful and beautifully illustrated guide to walks in the vicinity. A bargain at £3.50.

So if you’re in Yorkshire do visit Thornton Steward with its lovely villagers.

And perhaps the Ramblers Association will give them an award for setting a very good example…



6 thoughts on “The Village that Welcomes Walkers

  1. At least a dozen cheers for a village that realises that walkers, when treated well, contribute to the village economy. Obviously a village where people walk. Having just spent a lot of time here in Ireland trying to get access to old meadows for a grassland survey, and failing miserably in many cases, it was lovely to come across some landowners who welcomed me with open arms. One wonders what the others thought I would do to their land if they let me on it or what dreadful precedent they imagined was being set.


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