Go Rambling for 99 Pence/Cents

My rambling book is on sale on Kindle for just 99 pence/cents for the next week. And remember you don’t actually need a Kindle to read it. You can download a free APP. These autumn days are a perfect time to get out and explore the countryside. Hopefully, my book might give you some ideas. So please tell your walking friends… It’s also available in paperback…Rambling - The Beginner's Bible by [Bainbridge, John]

Here’s the link to order:


Here’s what the blurb says…

“Walking in the countryside is Britain’s most popular recreation and rambling is the best way to get to know the quieter places of the British Isles. Unlike a lot of outdoor activities, rambling or hiking can be enjoyed by all kinds of people, young and old, those who are fighting fit and not quite so fit. You can go as far and do as much or as little as you choose.

Rambling is all about taking time out from our very rushed modern world. An opportunity to walk away from the stress and travails of modern life. For the price of a magazine, Rambling – The Beginner’s Bible gives you a very readable and basic introduction to the whole subject. It suggests places to walk, what to wear and what gear to take, the law concerning public footpaths and bridleways, how to plan a hill walk and a walking tour. It tells you how to combine rambling with other outdoor interests, seeing places that the car driver can only imagine.

It concludes with some inspiring accounts of actual rambles in the British Isles – most of them suitable for the new rambler. Although it is aimed at the newcomer to rambling there is much in this book for the more experienced rambler to enjoy. The book is a good introduction to visitors to Britain, who might want to walk.

Make this the year that you find your feet – it’s a beautiful countryside out there! John Bainbridge has been a rambler for over fifty years and was recently commended by the Ramblers Association for his many years of voluntary service. Rambling – The Beginner’s Bible draws on John’s experience of country walking to give sound advice to the would-be rambler. 

Here’s that link again…


Read John’s other outdoor books “The Compleat Trespasser” and “Wayfarer’s Dole”


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