Walking Loweswater Terrace

One of those perfect Lake District days, when the sun brings out every detail of the landscape, with views over miles of surrounding countryside, right across the sadly disfigured Solway to the distant border hills of Scotland.Loweswater Terrace 005

It was cold, mind, at least before the sun warmed up the land, with patches of snow and frost on the surrounding tops and frozen ground everywhere the sun couldn’t reach.

We set out early from Maggie’s Bridge, taking the track to Watergate Farm and then along the shores of Loweswater through Holme Wood, lovely as it tinted towards autumn. Leaving the lake behind we followed the old bridleway to three old Lakes farms in succession – Hudson Place, Jenkinson Place and Loweswater Terrace 008Iredale Place, then climbing uphill to gain height before swinging out on to Loweswater Terrace, that Loweswater Terrace 014glorious winding track high above the lake.

Grand views of grand mountains – Mellbreak, Loweswater Terrace 020Grasmoor, Crag Hill and Whiteside, looking in that late autumn light like mountains really should.

We followed the terrace track as it contoured the hillside, then down to valley level again, following the beck down to High Nook Farm.Loweswater Terrace 023Loweswater Terrace 028

One of those really good Lake District walking days, pleasant after all the wet days.


2 thoughts on “Walking Loweswater Terrace

  1. Stunning photos of a stunning day. It’s lovely around there isn’t – haven’t actually done the whole terrace walk but just parts of it – will probably do the whole thing this year after seeing that.


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