Richard Jefferies – Country Writer

If you want to really understand the late Victorian countryside, Richard Jefferies is a fine chronicler of rural England. His books on the rural way of life, superb essays and novels, give a wonderful picture of England at that time.

To start with do look at the excellent website of the Richard Jefferies Society at where you can read all about Jefferies’s works and about his life. There’s even a film about Jefferies Country.

I find Richard Jefferies’ work a great inspiration.

This is a good time to join the Richard Jefferies Society as you will receive all the publications produced for members for 2016-17 and those due for the 2017-18 subscription year.


2 thoughts on “Richard Jefferies – Country Writer

  1. Many years ago, before and just after we were married, my husband and I used to enjoy cycling from Highworth to Uffington and up onto the Ridgeway, cycling or pushing our bikes, depending on the state of the surface, until we could drop down to Coate Water and so back to Highworth. In those days one could still see the ghost of Jeffries countryside, and when my husband was a small boy he remembers Coate pretty much as it must have been when Bevis and Mark were rafting there. Nowadays it is unbearable, a sterile County Council park, where the local rowing club practise and the banks are so neat they look gardened. No place for children to build dens or turn their imaginations loose. I can’t begin to imagine what Jeffries would have made of it – his spirit, I am sure, has long since departed for wilder places. Alred Williams I am sure is happier – the upper Thames of his day seems to be recovering from years of abuse and one can licitly or illicitly enjoy many of the walks he would have made, or slip up or down the river by kayak or canoe.

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    • Quite agree, it’s a tragedy what’s happened to Coate. I believe the RJ Society tried to stress its importance as a literary landscape at the public inquiry a few years ago, but the Inspector ruled it out. I’m alarmed to see plans to develop neighbouring Burderop Wood, regards John.


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