A Walking Memoir

I’ve always loved those walking books, usually written before the Second World War, where the authors recount their adventures tramping through the fields, hills and mountains of the British Isles.Wayfarers_Dole_Cover_for_Ko

I’ve built up quite a collection over the years: books by authors such as A.J. Brown on Yorkshire, W. H. Palmer on the Lakes and virtually everywhere else, Matt Marshall on Scotland – the list goes on.

I’ve always wanted to write a book giving an account of some of my own country walks. Last year I did. It’s called Wayfarer’s Dole – the name comes from the portion of bread and ale given to pilgrims at St Cross who passed on their journey from Winchester to Canterbury Cathedral.

In my own book I cover a fair bit of ground, Dartmoor and Dorset, the Lakes and Pennines, Norfolk and Scotland.

Along the way I walk in the steps of walkers long gone – the pilgrims and drovers, literary tramps such as George Borrow, John Buchan, Edward Thomas and Richard Jefferies; the navvies who marched across Scotland seeking work, the vagabonds who wander through our hills and meadows.

There are also chapters on maps, the art of the roadside fire, stravaiging and summit fever.

Wayfarer’s Dole, the third book in my walking trilogy – the others are The Compleat Trespasser and Rambling: Some Thoughts on Country Walking – gives an account of how I took to the pathways and wild places of Britain. Hopefully, my adventures might inspire you to seek out some of the walks I’ve enjoyed.

My book is now out in paperback. However, until Sunday night, it’s available for just 99 pence/cents on Kindle. And you don’t even need a Kindle device. When you order a copy you can download a free APP. So just click on the link to order.



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