Ullswater Way – Aira Force to Patterdale

This was actually the first bit of the Ullswater Way we followed, on a cold February day, following the new path the National Trust has constructed from Aira Force to Glenridding and then on to Patterdale.

Gowbarrow Fell 017

Looking over Glencoyne and the head of the lake (c) John Bainbridge 2017

A very beautiful winter’s day of long views, crisp colours and bright blue sky. Worth diverting from the Way to see the mighty waterfall of Aira Force, especially if there’s been lots of rain.

Hardly a breeze as we walked along the edge of Glencoyne Park. It was here that Dorothy Wordsworth journalised her notes on seeing wild daffodils, inspiring the famous poem by her brother William. I always rather think that Dorothy had a lot more talent than her sibling.

Beyond Glencoyne Park, the path goes directly along the shores of Ullswater. This is the stretch of the Ullswater Way that is nearest to a road – but the views more than outweigh the traffic noise.

Glenridding was still recovering from the damage caused by Storm Desmond when we were there. A terrible blow to the brave little community.

Fans of 1990’s television will recognise the Inn on the Lake as the notorious Ullswater Hotel (indeed it used to be called that) of The Lakes television drama series, which caused some controversy at the time.

On then to Patterdale, which I’ll write more about on the next Ullswater Way blog, when I write about how the Ullswater Way circuits the top of the lake and continues its journey to Silver Bay.


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