My Walking Book on Sale

My book Wayfarer’s Dole is on sale on Kindle this week for just 99 pence/cents. And you don’t need a Kindle. You can download a free app to your tablet, laptop or Smart Phone. If you prefer it in paperback you can get it for just £6.99.  Wayfarer's Dole: Rambles in the British Countryside by [Bainbridge, John]

This is a book exploring the joys of country walking. Following in the footsteps of some of the great walkers and writers of the past. A book that visits some of the finest landscapes in England and Scotland. A walker’s odyssey into all that is best about the British countryside.

Here’s what WALK MAGAZINE – the official journal of the Ramblers Association said about Wayfarer’s Dole.

This engrossing book by writer, novelist and one-time chief executive of the Dartmoor Preservation Association, John Bainbridge, explores the ethos of rambling via a series of short essays. The book takes its name from the medieval tradition of offering help to pilgrims on foot, but John’s own adventures take him deep into the moors, downs and mountains as he muses on everything from maps, roadside fires, stravaiging and the protection of our ancient footpaths. It’s a very personal but informed and intelligent journey that will resonate with inquisitive ramblers everywhere. WALK MAGAZINE.

In a series of solitary journeys on foot the writer and novelist John Bainbridge explores the ethos of rambling and hiking in rural England and Scotland. On his journeys he seeks out the remaining wild places and ancient trackways, meeting vagabonds and outdoors folk along the way and follows in the footsteps of writers, poets and early travellers. This is a book for everyone who loves the British countryside and walking its long-established footpaths and bridleways.

And for the armchair traveller…

Wayfarer’s Dole takes its title from an ancient tradition – In medieval times pilgrims travelling the road through Winchester to Canterbury would halt at the St Cross Hospital, a place of rest and refuge for those on holy journeys, and demand the Wayfarer’s Dole – small portions of ale and bread to ease the hunger and thirst incurred on their travels. The tradition survives today. If you’re in Winchester you can still claim the Wayfarer’s Dole. 

So if you love country walking and the landscapes of Britain please do give Wayfarer’s Dole a go. And if you know any ramblers or hikers please do share this blog with them.

 You can order Wayfarer’s Dole  by just clicking on the link below. Only 99 for the next seven days to read on any device, or follow the links for the paperback. There’s a free preview, so you can start reading at no cost:  


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