A Keswick to Penrith Road Ghost

As it’s Halloween I thought I’d reblog our encounter with a ghost on the road between Keswick and Penrith. This happened a few years ago, but I still can’t find any sort of logical explanation. This originally appeared in my Over the Hills blog (now archived but still available online.) Have you ever seen anything similar? Let’s hear your stories…

A Keswick to Penrith Road Ghost

Returning from the theatre in Keswick two Sundays ago, we saw a ghost crossing the road.

Yes, I know ghost is quite a loaded word, but I can’t think how else to describe what we saw.

It was dark. It had rained earlier, but the mist had lifted. It was about ten o’clock at night.

About a third of the way out of Keswick, heading towards Penrith, we were on a straight, slightly descending patch of road. I dipped my lights to spare a car coming in the opposite direction.

When the other car was about two hundred yards away I saw him slow suddenly as a figure stepped out in front of him from the verge on the southern side of the road. I touched my own brakes.

A tall dark figure was crossing the road, south to north. I got the impression of a very tall dark man, all in black in fact, wearing either a long coat or a cloak. He had some sort of hat. The face was turned in our direction, white but with no distinct features.

At first I thought it was some idiot crossing the road without due care and attention.

Then I realised that the figure was not actually walking on the road. He was flowing a couple of feet above it. I braked a bit more.

Just as the figure approached the northern verge he faded away and was soon completely gone.

Anne, riding in the front passenger seat asked me if I had seen the thing crossing the road. I was glad of the confirmation of someone else. And clearly, judging by his sudden braking, the driver of the other car had seen something as well.

For a few seconds, Anne had thought it was someone crossing the road and thought he was in danger of being run over. Then she realised that it was not human, but something on a timescale different to ours. He looked almost solid at first, she said, but grew more transparent as he crossed the road.

If anyone has a logical explanation, I would be keen to hear it.

Now I have driven a lot at night. Done a lot of night walking too. I’ve seen every type of animal in front of me in the dark. This wasn’t. This was a human figure.

If anyone has an explanation I would be fascinated to hear it.


6 thoughts on “A Keswick to Penrith Road Ghost

  1. I’d be inclined to check local histories for that particular day in the year.

    Many years ago three of us were working late at a friend’s house, finishing a quilt that was to be raffled the following day. We didn’t actually leave the house until almost just after 1am and headed back along a country road in procession towards the point at which our journeys diverged. I was the middle car of the three. All three of our engines died simultaneously about a mile and a half into the journey, stopped for a minute or so, and then cut back in. Coincidence that it was actually exactly true midnight on St John’s Eve within yards of a group of standing stones? None of us has ever come up with an explanation but we all got our cars checked out by different garages with no apparent faults in any of them.

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