Inversions Around Glenridding Dodd

After several days of heavy rain, we chose the first dry morning to go up Glenridding Dodd, that minor but picturesque summit above the village of the same name. One of Lakeland’s easier ascents, but with some of its grandest views.Glenridding Dodd 020

To increase the length of the walk, we started from Glencoyne Bay and followed the Ullswater Way along the shores of the lake towards Glenridding, heading up by the public footpath that cuts the corner to Greenside Road.

Once the road is reached, we took the path up The Rake from just before the second line of cottages – I’m spelling this out in detail, because even Wainwright seemed unsure of the way up from this side. It certainly puzzled me a couple of times in the past as we went by.Glenridding Dodd 021

The sun’s heat after the rain produced some fleeing inversions, plunging us into cloud and then sinking to turn the valley below us white. The higher summits were covered in glistening fresh white snow. The tip of Catstycam looked like some Alpine height in this snowy glory.


The heathery top of Glenridding Dodd, the larches on the Mossdale Beck side climbing almost to the highest points, make this a very pretty top, with superb view over much of the length of Ullswater and across to Place Fell.VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

We were the only people on Glenridding Dodd – and yet, if you look at old guide books, it was a popular climb in Victorian times.

We went back the same way, now in brighter sunshine. A very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.


9 thoughts on “Inversions Around Glenridding Dodd

    • Just a very basic Fuji. I never feel it does the colours justice. I had an old Fuji a decade ago which had fewer pixels but did better pictures. I think to really get proper colour saturation you still need to take transparencies.


      • Nice! I use the Ipad or IPhone as it means less weight while out. Your pictures are usualy of high quality, and the B&W are pretty sweet. I always loved Ansel Adams’ work; an etherial quality always!

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  1. I can never resist the continuation up Heron Pike to Sheffield Pike – one of my favourites in that area. The start of The Rake is confusing but we found an even more confusing route once – between Glenridding and Seldom Seen, there is a sort of hollow going up the mountain through the woods from the parking. We fudged our way up that once but never really found the route until we left the trees.

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