A Walk in the Snow to Flakebridge Wood

Since yesterday, the Cumbrian snow has been melting in our valley. But the drifts cling on up the slopes leading to the North Pennines – strangely enough the higher fells, and the great pikes are almost bare. The snow blew off them in the high winds of a few days ago.

Nateby Flakebridge 021

Well House Lane (c) John Bainbridge 2018

We walked out from Appleby to Flakebridge Wood following the route mentioned on previous blogs.

The snow filled Well House Lane almost to the top of the hedges on either side, several feet deep. Fortunately, it was hard so not difficult to walk along the top, though the Flakebridge houses must have been cut off for days.

Nateby Flakebridge 019

Follow the Footpath Sign (c) John Bainbridge 2018

The wood itself was full of animal tracks, which make walking in the snow a delight. We saw deer, badger, fox, pheasant, red squirrel marks in the snow.

Nateby Flakebridge 023

Into Flakebridge Wood (c) John Bainbridge 2018

We walked back through Stank Wood, finding the path up through the trees with some difficulty in the drifts.

Then across the fields to Stank Lane, which was crammed full of softer snow, the kind where you sink in a few feet. But it was playful and soft and great fun to clamber up through, almost like being a child again.

Nateby Flakebridge 025

A Stile on Stank Lane

The snow in Appleby town had almost gone, just that dirty snow, stained with rock salt, so different from the drifts on the higher slopes.

And with this blog I’m bringing to a halt my writings on this site Freedom to Roam. I hope you’ve enjoyed these ramblings. However, from later in the week I’m starting a new walking and outdoors blog Walking the Old Ways, which will feature lots of walks, talks of rambling books, items of interest in the countryside and so on.

This blog will remain here as an archive blog so it will still be available to read.

So please come along and click “Follow”. It wouldn’t be the same without you all…

Here’s the link: www.walkingtheoldways.wordpress.com




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