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Freedom to Roam is the blog of the writer and journalist John Bainbridge, dedicated to campaigning for the Right to Roam across the British Countryside Though it’s not all news and polemic. Along the way we’ll be featuring some British walks written from personal experienceJohn Bainbridge Outdoors Journalist

John Bainbridge is the author of a number of topographical books, novels, many magazine and newspaper articles, and has appeared regularly on television and radio. He is a passionate campaigner for access to the countryside.

John read literature and social history at the University of East Anglia.

Between 1996 and 2005 he was the chief executive of the Dartmoor Preservation Association and had a number of successes in protecting the much-threatened Dartmoor National Park.

John is an inveterate trespasser. He believes that the land is our common inheritance and that the people of Britain should have the right to walk responsibly in their own country.

He is the author of “The Compleat Trespasser” and “Rambling – the Beginner’s Bible”.

John has worked as a volunteer for the Ramblers Association, served on the executive committee of the Dartmoor Preservation Association, and was a founder committee member of the Two Moors Way Association. John served for nine years as a representative to the Council (now Campaign) for National Parks. He was recently commended for his campaigning work over many years for the Ramblers Association.

John is familiar with many areas of Britain, particularly from a rambler’s perspective, and has made a close study of the history of access to the countryside, the history of roads, the history of poaching in the British countryside.  He devised the eighteen-mile long “Teignmouth and Dawlish Way” in Devon.

His novels are “The Shadow of William Quest”, “Deadly Quest” and “Balmoral Kill ” as well as  the detective novels “A Seaside Mourning”, “A Christmas Malice” and “The Seafront Corpse”.

He is also writing a series of realistic medieval novels The Chronicles of Robin Hood. The first three novels are Loxley, Wolfshead and Villain.

You can contact John at stravaigerjohn@yahoo.co.uk

On follow on Twitter @stravaigerjohn


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