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John Bainbridge’s novels are now available in paperback and as eBooks on Kindle, Kobo and Nook. Please do click on the links for more information or to order:

Loxley, The Chronicles of Robin Hood is now out in paperback, and on most eBook readers.Loxley New Cover

This new novel is the sequel to last year’s Robin Hood novel “Loxley”, though “Wolfshead” is complete in itself.


1199 AD
The fate of a silver arrow brings blood-soaked terror to the peasants of Sherwood Forest.
England faces uncertainty as the king falls in battle. Nottingham Castle is seething with intrigue as the Sheriff’s power is threatened and Sir Guy of Gisborne faces an old nightmare. Wolfshead Cover_edited-5

Robin’s fight is more desperate than ever. Friendships are tested as the outlaws confront a new depth of evil.

When even the villagers have turned against him, Robin Hood discovers the true cost of being made wolfshead.

A hunted man – and this time it’s personal…

Wolfshead – complete in itself – is the second in a four-novel sequence The Chronicles of Robin Hood.

BALMORAL KILL by John Bainbridge
The autumn of 1937 – A desperate race against time to find a deadly killer…In 1936 the British royal family were rocked by their greatest scandal as Edward VIII gave up the throne in order to marry an American divorcee. Many ordinary people regretted the loss of their popular king. In the dark corridors of power, not everyone was sorry…
A year later the Abdication Crisis seems forgotten and all eyes are on the Coronation that summer. In August the new King George VI will retreat to Balmoral, his remote holiday home in the Highlands of Scotland.As the shadow of war falls across Europe, a sinister conspiracy lies deep within the British establishment.A man lies dead in a woodland glade. An unfortunate accident or has the first shot been fired in a secret war?Sean Miller is recalled home to take on his deadliest challenge – but where do his loyalties really lie?
In a frantic chase, from the slums and sinister alleys of London to the lonely glens of the Scottish Highlands, Miller must hunt and bring down his most dangerous opponent.His mission – to foil the final shot that will plunge Europe into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

London 1853 – Where the grand houses of the wealthy lie a stone’s throw from the vilest slums and rookeries of the poor.
A mysterious stranger carrying a swordstick walks the gaslit alleys and night houses seeking vengeance.The-Shadow-Of-William-Quest
A man determined to fight for justice against all the wrongs of Victorian society.
Who is the secretive William Quest?
Following Quest’s trail from the teeming streets of London to the lonely coast of Norfolk, Inspector Anders of Scotland Yard is determined to uncover the truth.
 ISBN Number 9781496107619

A reign of terror sweeps through the Victorian underworld as a menacing figure seeks to impose his will on the criminals of London. Deadly Quest (A William Quest Victorian Mystery Thriller Book 2) by [Bainbridge, John]

On the abandoned wharves of the docklands and in the dangerous gaslit alleys of Whitechapel, hardened villains are being murdered, dealers in stolen goods and brothel keepers threatened.

The cobbles of the old city running with blood, as pistol shots bark out death to any who resist.

Who can fight back to protect the poor and the oppressed? The detectives of Scotland Yard are baffled as the death toll mounts. There is, of course, William Quest – Victorian avenger. A man brought up to know both sides of the law.

But Quest faces dangers of his own.

Sinister watchers are dogging his footsteps through the fog, as Quest becomes the prey in a deadly manhunt, threatened by a vicious enemy, fighting for his life in a thrilling climax in the most dangerous rookery in Victorian London.

Dead Quest or deadly quest?

An action adventure historical crime mystery by the author of The Shadow of William Quest, A Seaside Mourning and Wolfshead.

What readers are saying about William Quest…

A page turner of a mystery from the start… I couldn’t put this one down for long as I was caught up in the twists and turns of this richly constructed tale.

Great author, fantastic book. Such a unique story and very well told.

A new hero for these times has entered literature, and is destined to capture the attention of all those yearning for a better chapter within the human saga – it is William Quest.

Great read! Couldn’t put it down.

Superb plotting, believable characters, and a very effective writing style

…a real feel for history and storytelling.


Devonshire 1873. The peaceful seaside town of Seaborough, half-forgotten on the eastern border of the county, seems an unlikely setting for a murder. When a leading resident of the town dies, the cause of death is uncertain. Inspector Abbs and Sergeant Reeve are sent  to determine whether the elderly spinster was poisoned. Behind the Nottingham lace curtains and over the bone china tea cups trouble has been brewing.
Seaborough is changing, new houses are going up and some prominent inhabitants are ambitious for the town to become a popular resort.
As one death leads to another, the detectives need to work fast to uncover the secrets beneath the surface of this respectable seaside town.
ISBN 9781496086129
Christmas Malice Final CoverInspector Abbs is spending Christmas with his sister in a lonely village on the edge of the Norfolk Fens. He is hoping for a quiet week while he thinks over a decision about his future.However all is not well in Aylmer. Someone has been playing malicious tricks on the inhabitants. With time on his hands and concerned for his sister, Abbs feels compelled to investigate..This complete tale is a novella of around 33,000 words. The events take place one month after the conclusion of Inspector Abbs’s first case, A Seaside Mourning.
Click on the link to see more.

THE SEAFRONT CORPSE by John Bainbridge

A view of Clevedon Pier in Somerset, EnglandA 1930s detective on England’s south coast …

Inspector Eddie Chance – Edgar if you want to annoy him – is nobody’s fool, if inclined to be lazy. Newly promoted, he’s looking forward to a quiet life back in his home town.

In March 1931 the Sussex seaside resort of Tennysham is starting to get spruced up for Easter and the first day-trippers.

When a body is found on the promenade, Inspector Chance’s troubles are just about to start…

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